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Fraser Wood Siding – Quality That Shows We Care

The quality of Fraser Wood Siding is second to none. This exceptionally high standard is achieved by sourcing only the best quality raw materials, grading and inspecting the product five times, enhancing it to bring out its natural beauty with state of the art milling technology coupled with the best factory finish system. The final product speaks for itself, and Fraser Wood Siding stands behind it with an industry leading warranty.
Fraser Wood Siding offers a wide range of shiplap and end-matched wood siding, as well as cedar shingles and trims. All Fraser products are pre-stained in their state-of the art facility.

Natural Beauty

Nothing compares to the natural splendor of real wood. Each individual board has its own distinct grain, giving your project a unique and personal look.

Design Versatility

Fraser Wood Siding is available in a range of profiles, sizes and colours, offering you the versatility to complement any architectural design. Choose profiles from the Fraser Classic, Fraser Evolution and Fraser Estate Series or mix-and-match combinations to fit your home’s unique style.


The key to siding durability lies in the factory finishing process, where the wood is thoroughly dried and then stained before leaving for the job site. Fraser strictly adheres to this pre-finishing process and then applies premium quality Factory Finish stain to all sides of each board in a controlled environment. The result is an eye-catching natural wood siding that resists even the harshest of environments for a long period of time.

Premium Wood Selection

Fraser Wood Siding is made from Canadian softwood, sustainably harvested from 100% PEFC certified forests in British Columbia. This high-quality wood is manufactured with precision so it lasts for decades, giving you a strong and stable wood that will protect your home from the outside in.

Proprietary Grading

Fraser Wood Siding has its own proprietary grading system. This ensures maximum board length, grain pattern, finished texture and moisture content are all maintained to Fraser Wood Siding’s exact standards. By incorporating and leveraging this proprietary grading, Fraser Wood Siding ensures its products are industry leaders.


Fraser “Classic Series” shiplap siding is manufactured using the finest quality fiber available. Each piece is graded multiple times to ensure that only the best available fiber goes into our process. Classic Series offers a wide range of profiles in an endless palette of colours.

1×6 Classic Siding Profiles


1×8 Classic Siding Profiles


1×10 Classic Siding Profiles

Evolution Series is the next generation of siding; combining tongue & groove, end-matching, hidden nail and modern design. Fraser Evolution Series makes installation a breeze by locking in every board on all four sides; top, bottom and both sides. End-to-end siding joints no longer need to end on strapping/furring/studs. The hidden nail system provides a cleaner look by virtually eliminating the need for face nails. Overall, waste and installation time are reduced, and the stability of the siding is improved.

1×6 Evolution Series Siding Profiles


Fraser Wood Siding Shingles

Fraser Wood Siding manufactures cedar shingles that provide stylish and elegant designs options to build and enhance your home’s distinct charm and character.

Fraser Classic Series 16” Cedar Shingles are manufactured using only the highest quality cedar available. They are available in the classic resquared and rebutted shape, prefinished in your choice of colour.

Classic Series Shingles – Designer Cuts:
Fraser Wood Siding also offers a broad range of designer shapes that provide elegant design elements that will build charm on any home.
Available In: Fishscale, Diamond, Octagon, Hexagon, Round, Diagonal & Arrow

Fraser “Estate Series” shingles are larger than the Classic Series shingles. They provide up to a 7” exposure and create a more pronounced shadow line.


When you choose Fraser Wood Siding, you can rest assured that you are backed by the best warranty in the wood siding industry.

Nicholson and Cates Stock Program

Nicholson and Cates keeps many of the most popular siding and trim profiles and colours in stock, resulting in quick turnarounds.

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